Forensic services
and enforcement of debts

We offer a number of services related to purchase and sale of a company and to possible disputes among shareholders and partners in equity investment companies. We help our clients during a merger or acquisition so that we minimize the risk of a dispute and maximize the value of the transaction. In cases when disputes cannot be avoided, our specialists will help you achieve the best possible result by means of a specially designed solution.

Whether you need to solve a problem (such as economic crime or commercial dispute) or search for a preventive measure (e.g. to limit the risk of fraud), our consultants will gladly assist you.

Forensic services

Our forensic services in acquisitions and shareholders´ disputes include, for example:

  • in-depth forensic examination (due diligence) prior to conclusion of a transaction comprising of, for example
  • examination of key employees and business partners, overview of potential risks of fraud etc.
  • checking of purchase and sale contracts prior to conclusion of a transaction with the aim to identify possible weak points of the contracts and assistance in preparation of key accounting principles in order to avoid additional reduction of the final price
  • checking of final statements with the aim to achieve maximum advantages resulting from purchase or sale contracts
  • assistance during possible disputes following upon completion of a transaction
  • assistance with issues concerning warranty conditions including possible legal actions.

Further, we offer forensic services concerning the following activities:

  • financial crimes
  • support in litigations
  • assistance in insolvency proceedings
  • forensic technologies
  • provision of business information
  • investigations
  • fraud risk management
  • commercial disputes
  • acquisitions and shareholders´ disputes
  • forensic technologies
  • disputes over intellectual property rights
  • provision of licence rights
  • insurance claims
  • protection against money laundering
  • assistance in capital projects
  • infringement investigations