Transactional counselling

Investing is an important step of every entrepreneur and it is important to make the right and qualified decision based on well-prepared sources. We provide our clients with comprehensive and independent counselling services that help them objectively evaluate existing investment opportunities and implement transactions with maximum effectiveness.

We provide counselling during mergers and acquisitions mainly in the following areas:

  • tax and legal due diligence
  • transaction structuring from the tax perspective
  • tax and legal vendor due diligence
  • integration after completion of a transaction – tax optimization
  • private equity transactions and tax optimization thereof.


Proper price appreciation of individual transactions is the most important element of the whole transaction. The paid transaction price should increase in value over a certain period of time. Proper appreciation of the price is a guarantee of a successful transaction. Questions of the proper setting relating to the determination and amount of the price between allied companies are currently becoming one of the most followed international tax topics and also an area that is increasingly getting the attention of Czech tax offices. It can be very difficult for an unprepared payer to answer questions – during a tax audit – concerning in-house transactions. Thus, major shortcomings and risk areas can be discovered. A clear idea of what position your company is currently in as regards transfer prices, will thus provide for taking suitable measures in the area of risk management and use of optimization processes.


We provide counselling on transfer prices mainly in the following areas:

  • planning of transfer prices
  • benchmarking studies
  • assessment of international transactions
  • preparation of documentation relating to transfer prices including documentation for requests for binding consideration of price setting
  • representation in negotiations with tax offices
  • implementation of price policy within groups